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To help celebrate the Order of the Arrow’s Centennial the National Committee created the Centurion Award. The Centurion Award aims to highlight “Hometown Heroes,” or Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing and ongoing operational excellence of their local council’s lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps. Recipients are recognized for their contributions during their “Youth” or “Adult” years of service.

This award is a one-time recognition associated with the centennial anniversary of the OA that is bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee.

Centurion Award Recipients from Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge 

(Listed in order of earliest service date)

George "Hawkeye" Harvey

Service as an Adult – Service Period: April 1939 to September 1980

Robert C. Griffin, Jr.

Service as an Adult – Service Period: January 1962 to January 1974

Alfred C. "Rocky" Sides, III

Service as a Youth – Service Period: September 1978 to August 1982

Cort O'Neil

Service as a Youth – Service Period: April 1985 to September 1991

 Gene Geckler

Service as an Adult – Service Period: August 1986 to May 2014

 Charles Russelburg

Service as an Adult – Service Period: September 1994 to January 2015

 Rich Moore

Service as a Youth – Service Period: July 1998 to January 2005

Travis McCormick

Service as a Youth – Service Period: June 1999 to May 2004

William Christopher Schildknecht

Service as a Youth – Service Period: August 2001 to February 2008

Carolyn Bartlett

Service as an Adult – Service Period: July 2002 to January 2015

Terry Aufermann

Service as a Youth – Service Period: April 2004 to July 2013

On behalf of Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge, we would like to thank each of the recipients for their contributions to Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge and the Order of the Arrow and congratulate them on receiving the Centurion Award.

100th Anniversary Lodge and Legacy Rocks


Legacy Rock - KU-NI-EH 145


As part of the 100th Anniversary celebration for the Order of the Arrow, Lodges were asked to submit a rock, engraved with the lodge’s name and council headquarters city. These rocks will be included as a permanent part of the Summit Circle, the Order of the Arrow’s new ceremonial grounds at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. As a means to recognize those lodges that have been merged and no longer exist, the National Order of the Arrow Committee decided to also include rocks from inactive lodges to become part of a special display at NOAC 2015 and eventually find a permanent home at the Summit Circle. These are images of the rocks that will be representing KU-NI-EH Lodge 145 and the four Lodges that merged to create it.


Legacy Rock - 145Legacy Rock - 155

Legacy Rock - 306Legacy Rock - 462

2015 Fall Fellowship

Registration for Fall Fellowship is open!
This September 18-20 at Camp Friedlander, come compete against your fellow Arrowmen in Hercules’s 12 challenges. Be prepared for tasks like Titan battle’s, Gods vs. Humans, capture the flag, lightning bolt throwing, and much more! Friday and Saturday night will be filled with fun such as Ale-8 drinking, Hercules the movie, and the all-time favorite karaoke. On Sunday we will be electing the new 2015-2016 Lodge and Chapter Leadership.

Lodge and Chapter Elections

If you would like to run for one of the 6 Lodge Executive Officer positions or one of the 3 Chapter Executive Officer positions, be sure to fill out the Lodge Office Candidate Form and turn it in to the Lodge Adviser, Dale Hahn.


When: September 18-20
Where: Camp Friedlander
Cost: $15
Who: You!
Link for Registration
If you are a season pass holder please enter "SEASONPASS" into the discount box.

2016 Lodge Calendar

The 2016 Ku-Ni-Eh Lodge Calendar has been released. Check it out so you can add the dates and times of the many fantastic lodge opportunities for service and fellowship.

Click here to download.

August Ordeal 2015

August Ordeal 2015 is August 21

 The August Ordeal will be at Camp Friedlander and runs from August 21 through August 23.  Ordeal candidates, Elangomats, and Ordeal Staff can register here.  Lodge officers, and all brothers are welcome and encouraged to attend to celebrate the induction of new members into the Lodge.

Elangomats ARE NEEDED!  If you can serve, contact the Lodge Elangomat Chairman immediately.


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